If you are looking for a single-tooth implant, Pura Dental Care can help you in that as well. A single tooth implant is the best solution to fix a missing or broken tooth permanently. In this process, a titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone to function as the replacement tooth.

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Dental implants are small rod-like posts that act as a base for replacement teeth. They are placed into the jawbone and act like roots to support the tooth, denture, or bridge.

The dental implant screw fits into the bone and has a clip (abutment) that the tooth (dental crown) fits on. Titanium is the usual material that implants are made of; this is because Titanium has no ill effect on the human body and bonds readily with the new bone, which penetrates the titanium surface. The implants should last a lifetime if you look after them and maintain good oral hygiene.

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