Dental Implant Options

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We understand that losing teeth can be incredibly stressful and scary, as such we ensure that we have the appropriate treatment to help no matter the issue. Be it one tooth or all your teeth our implant dentist can help fill the gap.

dental implant options in Eltham SE9

Single Dental Implants

Our high quality dental implant will give you your smile back and improve your confidence.

Our dentists have extensive dental implants experience in Eltham, London. From preparation to surgery and post-surgery we have put together the best team.

Multiple Teeth Implant Replacement

Dental implants can be also be used to replace several missing teeth.  Since implants act as building blocks for us to place teeth on, they can be utilised in similar fashion to replace several teeth in line in the form of an implant bridge. 

multiple Implants in eltham se9

Implant Retained Dentures

For a cost-effective way of replacing many missing teeth, dentures can be held securely in place with implants, providing a significant improvement from traditional removable dentures.

  • No need for denture adhesives, pastes, sticky gum, or powders.
  • Implants help to maintain your facial structures by preserving the remaining bone in your jaws.
  • Minimises wrinkles around the mouth by restoring lost lip-support
  • Markedly improves your ability to chew – you can eat whatever you want and enjoy your food again.
  • Secure and comfortable – no more embarrassing moments caused by loose dentures!

A lower denture may only need two conventional implants to give a completely life-changing transformation to your ability to chew foods and smile with confidence.

Teeth In A Day / All-on-6

The All-on-6 dental implant technique is a revolutionary procedure allowing patients to attend the surgery in the morning and leave with a fully fixed temporary set of teeth in the afternoon!
The All-on-6 concept was developed to enable the dental implant dentist to minimise the number of implants required to restore an entire arch (Jaw) of teeth and allow the temporary restoration to be fitted to the implants on the same day. Traditional implant techniques require 6-12 implants (which costs significantly more) to restore a jaw and a period of extended healing time where the bridge cannot be fixed.
The scientific idea behind the All-on-6 implant technique is that the two front implants are placed straight into the front of the jawbone parallel to the previously existing teeth while the other two implants are placed at the back of the jaw are angled at about 30 to 45 degrees in the bone compared to original root positions. This method enables the implants to provide firm overall support and evenly spreads the chewing forces transmitted from the denture or bridge to the jawbone.

all on 4 implants

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